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The KBS Way

KBS - A Company With a Purpose

KBS was launched in 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary after a 34-year existence within the Kansas Association of School Boards. At KBS, we believe in doing things differently. We are focused on serving public entities as they work to provide the best possible insurance programs to the employees who transform their communities daily.


Parent company launches Workers Comp Pool


KASB Risk Management Formed



KRMG starts offering consulting programs

KRMG Launches Employee Benefits Solutions


KBS Founded as a stand alone company

Parent company establishes a property casualty program


KRMG launches a Student Accident Solution


KRMG establishes strategic partnership with KERMP pool.


KBS reaches 85% market share with K12 institutions in Kansas


Who We Are

As your guide, KBS focuses on ensuring that you have coverage and solutions for every point on your risk management compass. The compass reveals the various areas of liability and risk that public entities should protect. All of our services support at least one of the four points:

Employees, Students, Buildings, and Benefits.

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What Is "The KBS Way"?

Customer Service is rooted in our DNA. KBS was founded on the idea that our clients come first. That philosophy is truly at the foundation of who we are and how we operate. Each potential path connected to your insurance journey can very quickly become a commoditized decision. While economics are certainly a positive outcome of the work we do, we believe that the “how and why" drives the “what” in this equation. We are able to create cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient solutions by focusing on our process, our clients, and our shared values.


with a rigorous review of insurance options and risk management strategies to bring the best benefit to our clients.


suitable programs that allow our clients to prioritize resources to support organizational success.


strategic partnerships that provide value through additional insurance and benefit solutions.


legislative actions for any potential impact on our clients and implications for KBS products or services.

The KBS way is focused on your insurance journey. We have created easy-to-use solutions that put the power in your hands. Our promise is simple. KBS will provide you with consulting, insurance, and benefits solutions custom-built for public entities just like yours. Together, we will free up resources that help you better serve your communities.

Kansas Association of School Boards is our parent company. Your success is your community’s success, and our success is student success – that is a purpose we can all get behind.

Available Services

KBS is proud to offer a range of services covering your consulting, insurance, and benefits needs. Learn more about how we offer complete coverage of an organizations risk management profile by clicking the buttons below.

Our Team
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