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Employee Benefit Solutions

Bundled Benefits.
Intuitive Interface.

The benefits package you offer employees can be the make or break moment as you seek to hire and retain high-quality staff at all levels of your organization. In today's complex and competitive job market, creating a comprehensive package that is easy to utilize and understand is more important than ever. That is why KBS created the Employee Benefit Solutions program and software. EBS combines bundled benefits with an intuitive interface that allows employees and their families to self-enroll on their time while making billing, reporting, and enrollment simple for employers.

We know that you care about your employees.  At KBS, we care about them too. So let us help you build the best benefits package possible.

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Employee Benefits

Our EBS program focuses on improving benefits and enrollment for employers, employees, and their families by connecting customers with an all-in-one benefit package wrapped in an easy-to-use employee interface. We believe that doing benefits the KBS way is a step forward as we all seek to better support our staff, not only providing high quality competitive benefits but focusing a great deal on the "process" of administration. For us, the proof is not just in the product, it's in the process!

You can choose to have KBS serve as your health consultant and benefit administrator or to operate exclusively in the employee benefits space. Either way, KBS is excited to explore how we can be your guide as you navigate the insurance and benefits landscape.

Building the Bundle

KBS works with customers to craft the perfect bundle of benefits and insurance offerings that support the needs of your organization and employees. You get to bring your preferred health, dental, and vision insurance provider or select from our preferred partners for each benefit. 


Consider your employee benefits as a bundle covering all the bases from flex accounts, 125 and retirement plan administration, supplemental benefits as well as cobra administration. You deserve a one stop shop for insurance and benefit enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that EBS is different than what most people have experienced in the past. So here are the answers to some questions we are used to answering!

What if I don't have a health, dental, or vision insurance broker? 

Not a problem. KBS has built relationships with providers that can support any of your insurance needs. If you don't have a preferred broker, we will start the EBS process with some customized health consulting to ensure you are getting the services best suited to you and your employee needs. 

How do my employees access their benefits or file claims? 

Everything your employee needs is built into their EBS portal. We intentionally created a space where employees can enroll in and access their benefits with consistency. Of course, if they need help or are more comfortable working with a person, our account executives are just a phone call or email away. 

How do employees enroll? 

The beauty of our process is that this is up to you and/or your employees, who can enroll on their own terms and control their own learning. The portal is designed so that employees can enroll at their convenience at any time during the open enrollment period. This means they can do it at home with their families or during set-aside time at the office. 

Enrolling in Benefits the KBS Way

We have worked hard to make enrollment as simple and easy to understand as possible. We know that benefits can be overwhelming and leave employees and employers alike with more questions than answers. To make enrollment administration painless, we focus on the following service-oriented objectives: 

  1. Built in employee education and decision support tools so they understand the benefits they are enrolling in.

  2. A consistent portal experience to establish comfort in enrollment and benefit access.

  3. An easy to use administrative experience so employers have access to the information they need when they need it. 

  4. Our platform, will be the source of record for all benefit election changes. 

  5. Absolutely no additional paperwork or underwriting required. 

  6. Our system will communicate year-round with all carriers.

When it is time to enroll, employees simply login to the EBS portal, follow the prompts associated with enrollment, confirm their solutions, and submit their enrollment for the year. Both the employee and the employer get an instant confirmation that they have enrolled and receive a summary of their selected benefits. For most users, enrollment takes less than 15 minutes!

Our clients love EBS. We think you will too.

Employees Enroll in 3 Easy Steps

When you use EBS, you empower your employees to enroll for their benefits in three easy steps. All they have to do is Enter, Enroll, and Enjoy. 


Step 1: Enter

Once you and your account manager activate your open enrollment period, employees will login to their enrollment and benefit portal at This is also where they will go to manage benefits when enrollment is complete.

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Step 2: Enroll

After login, employees will be asked to follow the prompts for benefit enrollment. Each benefit is explained by our virtual assistant, Alec. He helps explain what the benefits cover and increases your employee's confidence in the benefits being offered. As they follow the enrollment prompts, their per pay period cost is automatically calculated so they have access to all the knowledge they need to enroll.


Once they have followed all the prompts, employees simply submit their enrollment.

Step 3: Enjoy

Once an employee signs and submits their enrollment, all parties are activated and the employee is emailed a summary of their selected benefits. Anytime they need to access information, file a claim, or make updates, they just log back into their enrollment portal.

What Our Client's Are Saying

What Clients Say

"...We achieve 100% online enrollment annually; process quick, easy and paperless mid-year changes; have access to amazing reporting capabilities; and receive the best customer service around!..."

Available Services

KBS is proud to offer a range of services covering your consulting, insurance, and benefits needs. Learn more about how we offer complete coverage of an organizations risk management profile by clicking the buttons below.

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