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Insurance Suite

Complete Coverage.
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KBS offers a wide variety of insurance solutions that support the unique needs of schools as well as the public entities including governments and hospitals. Whether you are looking for a new insurance consultant or a specific type of coverage, the KBS way includes an option for you.

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Insurance Suite

As your guide, KBS focuses on ensuring that you have coverage and solutions for every point on your risk management compass. The compass reveals the various areas of liability and risk that schools should protect. All of our services support at least one of the four points: Employees, Students, Buildings, and Benefits.

KBS offers a full suite of insurance programs for public entities, with many programs specifically built for K-12 institutions. From protecting the infrastructure that makes your operations possible, to the people who make the magic happen, we have insurance programs that are built specifically for you. Because we exclusively work with public entities, our solutions have been designed to meet the unique needs of schools, governments and hospitals. 

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Let Us Be Your Guide


Let KBS be your guide on the insurance journey. Take a walk along the path and learn more about how we can provide you with the programs critical to your success while leaving your staff free to focus on their core responsibilities and your mission. 

Supporting Your Greatest Assets

Supporting employees and the people you serve is incredibly important. Organizations increasingly utilize benefits and insurance packages to differentiate themselves from the field and better retain staff. Just as important, schools can protect students and their families. We support employees and students with the following insurance programs: 

  • Workers Compensation Insurance**

  • Supplemental Employee Benefits 

  • Section 125 Compliance

  • Student Accident Insurance**


Insuring Your Infrastructure

The buildings we work and serve our communities in are vital to the success of our organizations. They are also massive financial resources and losses due to storms, accidents, or other loss events can be devastating. KBS helps the education market protect their infrastructure through a strategic partnership with Kansas Insurance Cooperative for Schools (KICS)

  • Property Casualty Insurance

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Helping You Support Your Staff

As an employer, the legal requirements and best practices associated with insurance and benefits can be overwhelming. KBS is here to help employers of all sizes navigate these murky waters and find solutions that work for them, their staff, and their community. We support employers through the following insurance-related programs: 

  • Consulting on your core employer benefits: Medical/Vision/Dental

  • Employee Benefit Administration

  • Section 125 Compliance


Complete Coverage for Your Team

The journey is not done when you purchase insurance policies. The modern world of employee benefits is constantly evolving. Today, human capital expects robust benefit packages that are easy to access, utilize, and understand. By combining a benefit package that offers complete coverage for employees and their families, with an easy-to-use online enrollment system, KBS is revolutionizing the way that public entities support their staff. We guide you in the process of both procuring insurance and making policies useful to your team. With KBS, you get complete coverage custom-built just for you.

What Clients Say...

"...We achieve 100% online enrollment annually; process quick, easy and paperless mid-year changes; have access to amazing reporting capabilities; and receive the best customer service around!..."

Available Services

KBS is proud to offer a range of services covering your insurance, benefits, and consulting needs. Learn more about how we offer complete coverage of an organizations risk management profile by clicking the buttons below.

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