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Consulting Services

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KBS Consulting is more than the standard sales and renewal technique you've experienced with other providers. Our goal as a consulting firm is to help public entities maximize the impact of their resources. Sure, rate and benefit terms are important, but so is how all your benefits work within an overall strategy.


We know that your time and money are important. We are here to help you optimize the transformative power of both.

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Consulting Services

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Employee Benefit Consulting

KBS Employee Benefit Consulting brings world-class expertise to bear as we work with customers to evaluate existing health insurance and benefit policies, providers, and practices to determine whether or not more effective solutions to employee support exist. Our program:

  • Provides a specialized resource that is carrier agnostic.

  • Provides a consulting resource that focuses on our customers' best interests.

  • Provides a high-value, full-service consulting approach.

Health consulting is led by KBS staff in conjunction with our strategic partner, McInnes Group Inc. Both companies specialize in public entities and will provide the insight you need to make more informed decisions regarding insurance and benefits. We pair our consulting services with our Employee Benefits Solution to provide all-in-one solutions to our clients. 

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Energy Management Consulting

The procurement of and fiscal management of utility expenses, specifically natural gas, has proven to become more difficult in recent years. Turn long-standing energy consortium is built around the key tenants of reducing the volatile pricing of natural gas and increasing access to the volume you need when you need it the most. Long term fixed pricing contracts also exist for the protection of the market, supply and the membership. The program is:

  • Managed by Woodriver Energy LLC, an independent marketer of natural gas.

  • Offers strong multi-year contracts which minimize volatility and fluctuation. 

  • Utilizes hedging and other strategies to reduce volatility.

  • Pays all supply, transportation, and distribution costs, up to the city gate.

  • Covers liability for over or underestimated consumption.

  • Offers no risk for supply and demand.

  • Provides all-in fixed costs, excluding transportation fees from your local utility company.

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Entry Level Driver Training Information

For new Bus Drivers to comply with federal regulations, there are approximately 30 topics that new Class B drivers will be required to complete, in addition to several passenger endorsement and school bus endorsement topics. In addition, at least 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction will be required.

Although this may seem like a daunting task, Kansas Association of School Boards and KBS, are here to help. We have developed an online training program that will ensure you are:

  • Compliant with training requirements

  • Able to document and submit this information through the Training Provider Registry (TPR)


This should greatly reduce the additional burden placed on the educational entities to ensure compliance with the ELDT regulation.

After reviewing the above documents, feel free to reach out for more information or to schedule an onboarding call.

Additional Programs

eMeeting Management

KBS' eMeeting Solution is custom-built for public entities and their boards. With an easy-to-use interface, automated process for maintaining records and documents, and built-in cyber-security, BoardBook is a must-have for boards looking to simplify meetings and keep track of their work. Also available to our education clients, is a board policy subscription service.

Purchasing Consortium

Purchasing supplies for a public entity can be a complicated process full of state and federal bid requirements. To simplify the process, KBS has partnered with BuyBoard to give public entity employers access to a a nationwide pre-bid purchasing portal that does the work for you. Make your next purchase with BuyBoard.

Available Services

KBS is proud to offer a range of services covering your consulting, insurance, and benefits needs. Learn more about how we offer complete coverage of an organizations risk management profile by clicking the buttons below.

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